Palmer High Class of 1981 30-Year Reunion

Make plans to be home for
Colony Days and our 30-Year Reunion Parties June 10-12, 2011

Evening Reunion Social Hour on June 10th at Klondike Mike's Back Room

Colony Days Parade and activities June 11th

Possible Adults-Only Dinner June 11th (still being organized)

Reunion Potluck Family Picnic June 12th at Matanuska River Park Pavilions

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Palmer and Moose!


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  1. The Dark Side of Oz, Dark Side of the Moon Synced With Wizard of Oz

  2. Free Bird! It was just cruel!

    You had to start out slow dancing, getting all hot and bothered, and then, oh, worse than an over-eager vice principal, you had to break it up and dance fast! 

    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird (Music Video Synced W/Studio Recording) (by nenxe)

  3. Obituary for Mr. Long

    I know some folks didn’t get the news about this when it happened, so am just reposting the obituary, with some of my own thoughts below. Feel free to add your memories and thoughts in the comments too!

    Drury “Dean” Long died Nov. 21, 2006

    Link: | obituaries : Obituaries.

    Palmer: Dean Long, 78

    Drury “Dean” Long, 78, of Palmer died Nov. 21, 2006, at his winter residence in Thousand Palms, Calif.

    A celebration of life for friends in the community who would like to share memories will be held in spring, when he normally would have returned. An announcement will be published beforehand.

    Mr. Long was born May 8, 1928, to Lucinda and Floyd Long in Hindsboro, Ill., and was reared in Illinois.

    An educator who taught in Missouri, California and Alaska, Mr. Long was respected by his students and fellow teachers. He retired after teaching English and drama for several years at Palmer High School. He also led the production of numerous plays and musicals at the high school and in community theater.

    Family wrote: “Dean touched the lives of many, many students and community members who participated as actors or in other capacities in one or more of the myriad dramatic productions that he directed and produced.

    "Subsequent to his retirement, he traveled extensively with his wife Jean, and became an avid writer, joining writing groups and publishing several works. He continued to write until his final illness and leaves a novel ready for editing and submission.

    "Dean was also an avid golfer who traveled to play the finest courses in America and abroad and as a lover of flying, he flew his own plane in Alaska, Canada and the Lower 48.

    "Dean will be forever missed by his family, friends and former students who valued his company and counsel."

    He is survived by his wife, Jean Long; son, Gary; grandson, Christopher; granddaughter, Donna Jean Kramer; great-grandson, Ethan Kramer; and sisters and brothers, Dorothy Koelsch, Garnet Kincaid, Paul Long and John Long.

    Mr Long was the one high school teacher I had who was so powerful and communicated so much to me, I didn’t meet another on his level until I got into the MFA program at Arkansas and met Jim Whitehead.

    I took every literature class Mr. Long taught, and my senior year was a T.A. for those same classes just so I’d have an excuse to sit through them again. I’ll never forget Mr. Long saying there was no point in reading all the footnotes on T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land,” since most of them referenced Sir James Frasier’s “The Golden Bough” anyway. He said just go to “The Golden Bough” instead, and he did, introducing us to archetypal and mythological literary criticism at the high school level.

    Going on 30 years later, I still have those classical lit notes, and found them the other day, while packing for my next move. So bite me, Edith Hamilton. I never needed you. [grin]

    I didn’t realize until I got to college lit classes and discovered none of my classmates had ever heard about any of that stuff that it was anything out of the ordinary. We finally did get to it in college, but not until my SENIOR year, in the upper division lit crit course for English majors (and I wasn’t even technically an English major, so don’t ask me what I was doing in there).

    I took Mr Long’s drama classes too, although I didn’t do so well at those. I was too much of a “speech student” to lose myself in the parts the way he wanted me to. He gave me a shot at “Mammy Yokum” in “Lil’ Abner,” tho it it never went into production.

    We didn’t always get along so agreeably, and I think he even gave me a C in drama one semester. But stage-managing “The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds” was a really neat time, and an amazing play. I’ve seen many productions over the years, and it always amazes me to see higher level and even professional productions that fall short of performances I saw Mr. Long get out of high school students.

    And I still have my copy of “The Golden Bough,” even if archetypal literary criticism is out of fashion now. I use it in other ways now. And I do still read Edith Hamilton’s “Mythology,” when I need to bone up a bit.

    Chris Boese

  4. Creative Commons Photo by Samuel Maycock.

    Creative Commons Photo by Samuel Maycock.

  5. Another Year Bites the Dust. Happy 30th Reunion, y’all!

    Queen - Another One Bites The Dust (by hm4steve)

  6. OK, so I went with the consensus (unilaterally, so speak now, or forever hold your peace!) that the Friday Night…

  7. Hey, want to post or share something on this site?

  8. How many times did we have to listen to people playing Smoke on the Water in the Band Room?!

    What if they were all doing it at once?!

    1,683 guitars play “Smoke on the Water” to set Guinness World Record in Kansas City.

    Official video of the Guiness Book of World Record 1,683 guitar players playing Smoke on the Water in Kansas City on June 3rd with 99.7 KY.


  9. Here’s a paste from the site, last updated May 24, 2011:

    2011 Colony Days Schedule

    Please note this is a tentative schedule of events. Events are still being added and published event time may change.

    Thursday, June 9

    Mat-Su Miners VS. Glacier Pilots - The UPS Store

                                & Subway of Mat-Su Day at the Park

                                Hermon Brothers Field

    Friday, June 10

     Shop Hours        Quilt Walkabout

                                presented by the Valley Quilters Guild
                               Various Downtown Merchants

     9 am – 6 pm       Palmer Visitor Center & Museum 

                                723 S. Valley Way

    10am - Close      Alaska BBQ Assoc. Valley BBQ Bash Contest

                               Heritage Park near the Palmer Library

    11 am – 6 pm     Friday Fling Open Air Market & Entertainment 
                               Downtown Pavilion Area
    11 am- 5 pm        Colony Days Information Booth and Shirt Sales
                               Friday Flings Area

    11 am – 6 pm     Kids Games presented by Palmer High Baseball

                               and Just for Fun

                               Library Parking Lot & Festival Area
    11 am – 6 pm      Face Painting and Balloon Animals 

                                by Church on the Rock
                               Library Parking Lot & Festival Area
    11 am – Close    Outdoor Food Court
                               Festival Area
    11am – 6pm       Free Petting Zoo

                               Sponsored by First National Bank Alaska
                               Library Parking Lot

    11:30-1:30pm     Live Music at Friday Flings

                               Library Parking Lot
    12pm - 6pm        Face Painting & Balloon Animals

                               by Church on the Rock

    Library Parking Lot

    Noon – 6 pm      Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest

                               presented by Fireside Books
                              Palmer Depot

    5:30pm               Head Honcho Executive Bed Race Challenge

                              featuring: Greg Berbreich -    MTA, Larry Bell-

                              IBEW Local 1547, and Joe Griffith-MEA and John

                              Lee - Mat-Su Regional Medical Center

    S. Valley Way & Elmwood St.

    6:00pm               Juried Art Show and Auction

                         benefiting the Alaska Veterans and Pioneer Home

                              Tickets $25.00 available @

                               Fireside Books & the UPS Store

                              Pioneer Home -250 E. Fireweed Ave 

    6pm - 8:30pm     DJ Music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s

                              Main Street

    6 pm – 8:30 pm Colony Days Classic Car Rally and DJ

                              sponsored by Alaska USA
                               Main Street
    6:30 pm             Colony Days Bed Races sponsored by Midas
                              S. Valley Way & Elmwood St.

    Saturday, June 11

    Shop Hours         Quilt Walkabout presented by the Valley Quilters Guild
                                Various Downtown Merchants- see insert
    9 am – 11 am      Lions Club Pancake Breakfast 
                                Salvation Army, 209 W. Evergreen Avenue
    9 am – 6 pm      Palmer Visitor’s Center & Museum Open
                                723 S. Valley Way
    10 am – 6 pm     Friday Fling Open Air Market & Entertainment 
                               Downtown Pavilion Area10am - Close         

    10am - Close        Alaska BBQ Assoc. Valley BBQ Bash Contest

                               Heritage Park near the Palmer Library

    10 am – Close    Outdoor Food Court 
                                Festival Area
    10 am – 4 pm     Colony House Museum Open House 
                                316 E. Elmwood Avenue

    10 am - 4 pm     Model Train Display

    Palmer Depot -655 South Valley Way                     

    10 pm – 5 pm     Dunk Tank open:

                               Dunk the Palmer High School Principal, Chamber

                               Director & more fun community figures

    Palmer Pavilion area

    10:30 am            Colony Days Bed Races FINALS sponsored by Midas 
                               In front of Depot, on Alaska St.
    11 am – 6 pm     Kids Games, Face Painting and Balloon Animals

                               by Church on the Rock 
                               Library Parking Lot & Festival Area
    11 am – 5 pm     Colony Days Information Booth and Shirt Sales 
                               Friday Flings Area
    11 am               Colony Days Parade sponsored by MTA

                                Downtown Palmer

    12pm – 3 pm      Mannequin Head Bowling

                               presented by B Bella Hair Salon

    Library parking lot

    12 pm _ 6 pm     Kida Games

                                presented by Palmer High Baseball/Just for Fun

    Library Parking lot

    12 pm -6 pm       Antique Power Club of Alaska Display

    Palmer Depot Parking lot-655 S. Valley Way

    12- 2:30 pm      Salmon Gone “Wild” Smoked Salmon Contest 

                             sponsored by IBEW #1547 
                                Palmer Depot —-Prizes & Awards @ 3pm
    12:30 -1:30 pm   Mat-Su Concert Band sponsored by ConocoPhillips
                                       Palmer Depot
    12:30pm              Egg Toss 
                                Alaska St. in front of Palmer Depot
    12:30pm              Mooseberry Stampede Bike Race

                                Sponsored by Mat-Su Health

                                Foundation & VBHA


                               Palmer Depot Parking Lot

    12:30 -1:30pm    Mat-Su Concert Band

                               brought to you by: ConocoPhilips

                                 Palmer Pavilion
    1 pm                   Tractor Pull by Antique Power Club of Alaksa         

                               Sponsored by Valley Block & Concrete

                               S. Colony Way behind Just Sew

    1 - 3 pm              Mannequin Head Bowling 

    presented by B Bella Hair Salon
                                Library Parking Lot

    1 - 3 pm         Free Kids Games & Activities

                            presented by CCS Early Learning Center
                                Library Parking Lot

    1 - 6 pm         Free Petting Zoo Sponsored by First National Bank Alaska
                               Library Parking Lot

    1-4pmFree pictures with Santa & Reindeer petting-

                          Santa is in Palmer              

                          Sponsored by Usibelli Coal Mine Inc.

                                   Well Fargo Parking lot

    1-5pmHay Rides presented by Pioneer Equipment

    Depot parking lot across from Palmer Police

    2-4pm            Lady Bug Release party & Coloring Contest 

                           sponsored by BP

                           Let loose Lady Bugs and take some home for your 


    Palmer Agriculture and showcase gardens next to    

                              the Palmer Museum

    2-5pm             Music by Lulu Small

                                Palmer Pavilion

    2pm                 Kiwanis Moose Poop Paloosa drop

    St John’s Lutheran Church

    3pm                 Salmon Gone” Wild Smoked Salmon winners  


                              Sponsored by: IBEW Local 1547”

    6pm “            Singsperation”

                               Raven Hall at the Alaska State Fair Grounds

    Sunday, June 12

    Shop Hours        Quilt Walkabout presented by the Valley Quilters Guild
                              Various Downtown Merchants- see insert
    9 am – 6 pm       Palmer Visitor Center & Museum Open
                               Palmer Visitor Center

    10 am-Close       Alaska BBQ Assoc. Valley BBQ Bash Contest

                               The Quad area near Library
    11 am- 4 pm       Friday Fling Market- Landscaper/Farmer Market
                              Downtown Pavilion Area
    11 am- 3 pm       Kids Games present by Palmer High Baseball/

                               Just  For Fun
                              Library Parking Lot
    11 am- 3 pm      Free Petting Zoo

                              Sponsored by First National Bank Alaska
                              Library Parking Lot
    11:00 am          Bill Mitchell Fun Run presented by MTA
                               Mat-Su Borough Parking Lot
    11 am- 4 pm     Outdoor Food Court  
                              Festival Area
    12:30 pm- 2:30pm  Air Force Band of the Pacific –The Greatlanders 
                                The Pavilion Area

    12 pm- 4 pm      Colony Days Blood Drive

                              presented by Blood Bank of Alaska
                               Friday Fling area 

    1pm                   76th Annual Colony Dinner

                               Palmer Elks-N. Barry Resort Dr.
    4pm                  Mat-Su Miners VS. Lake Erie

                             Wells Fargo Day at the Park

                             Hermon Brothers Field

    Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 May 2011 14:04

  10. The world didn’t end: we’re still having the reunion

    Sooooo, CELEBRATE! You know, with Kool and the Gang. Yaaaa hooo!

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